Health, Safety & Wellness

Leduc Regional Housing Foundation is committed to a Health, Safety & Wellness Program that protects employees, volunteers, contractors, residents, tenants, those who enter our workplace and property.

The Board, Administration and Employees of Leduc Regional Housing Foundation are responsible and accountable for Leduc Regional Housing Foundation’s health, wellness and safety performance.  Employees have the right and responsibility to participate every day, in every job, to achieve the safety excellence this organization expects. Employees have the right and responsibility to know their workplace hazards and to refuse dangerous work. Employees shall not be subject to disciplinary or discriminatory actions for exercising their health and safety rights.

The Management of Leduc Regional Housing Foundation will set an example, provide commitment and leadership in the Health, Safety & Wellness Program.  Management will provide a Health, Safety & Wellness Policy, Safe Work Procedures, proper equipment and training.  Supervisors will ensure all employees are informed of workplace hazards and hold employees accountable to the `policies and procedures.  Employees, volunteers and contractors of this organization are responsible for following all procedures, working with an awareness of health and safety and cooperating in working towards improved health and safety conditions at work.

All managers, supervisors, employees, volunteers and contractors of Leduc Regional Housing Foundationwill be familiar with the requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Legislation as it pertains to their work processes, and comply with the health and safety standards of Leduc Regional Housing Foundation.

Leduc Regional Housing Foundation believes in providing and maintaining a work and living environment of psychological well-being, in which all employees, residents, and tenants are free from all forms of harassment including but not limited to aggression, violence, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination.  Such actions will not be tolerated.

Leduc Regional Housing Foundation’s objective is a healthy, injury free workplace for all employees, volunteers, contractors, and those who enter or are impacted by, our workplace.  By working together in the Health, Safety & Wellness Program, we can achieve our goal.

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